(Random) Meditations: Nagasaki

(Unedited) On this time and day (2-5pm, 28 September 2018), I was seated in the tea (room) area of the National Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki, Japan. I had just completed a heart-wrenching tour of the museum and was relaxing over a glass of water and orange juice served by a naturally¬†warm elderly Japanese woman.… Continue reading (Random) Meditations: Nagasaki



In the beginning, Hope gave birth to a curious idealist, The realist killed the idealist, The cynic killed the realist, The nihilist killed the cynic, What has remained is a confused sceptic, A highly depressive, anarchic misanthrope - unimpressed, disillusioned by himself and his fellow-pretentious kind; depressed by the futility and the chronic dissonance that… Continue reading #NoTITLE!

Quandaries 2.0

(Exceptions implied) Education institutions that excel in using exams, assignments and notarized papers (certificates) to turn free spirits into mediocre, uniform, obedient/conformists, God-fearing wheels of the fast-turning unequal capitalist structure of society. They censor minds, stifle free thought and instead of cultivating mentally and wholly healthy members of society, they end up creating bunches of… Continue reading Quandaries 2.0


"I sat erect, had just been invaded in my bedroom by both my mother and my irritating alarm - cousin, I sleepwalk to the bathroom, splashed the cold Kapenguria water on my shivering body, tiptoed to the kitchen to gobble down something for my empty belly, rushed down a cup of tea-coffee. To school I… Continue reading Y?